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A very important photo.dapperyoungmiss as baby Jonathan
Me as speedwagon 
Taken by Jesse Sparks at the Saboten photo booth
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'52 Reissue Telecaster have always been some of my favorite guitars. From the butterscotch hue of the finish to the consistent build quality, just about every one of these guitars is magical for me. This one is particularly cool because it sounds much darker than others, with plenty of bark over bite. This one had a curiously exploded switch, which I've replaced, and it only needed a quick intonation to play and sound its best through the Mojotone Tweed Deluxe sitting in the shop this morning. Glorious tones. #guitar #fender #tele #telecaster #reissue #avri #52 #seattle #guitartech #guitarsofinstagram (at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar)
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killing a camera - braid

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is ‘fourth wave emo’ actually the proper term now?

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Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)-Water [x]
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