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Destroyer - Painter In Your Pocket

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(check out that vest though)


The Gaslight Anthem - The Backseat

In the backseats of burned out cars.
In the disenchantment lane.
The ideal angels twist and turn, ask forgiveness for future mistakes.
But you and I we’ve been through this.
Maybe 100 times before.

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Indigo Jam Unit - “The Empty Screen” (Demonstration, 2006)

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If you’d like the best sound from your iTunes, try out my secret mixture of sound settings with the equalizer. Trust me, I’m a professional with sound. 

the difference this makes, omg. You honestly have to do it to believe it.

I just did this and it really does make a difference. I love it when the internet actually makes your life better.

For future reference

Holy bananas, I did this and then played Let It Go and SUDDENLY THERE IS ICE MAGIC SOUNDS!

Well shit…


St. Vincent - Now, Now

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Austin city limits weekend two lineup!!